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by Zora&Alice on June 1, 2010

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Brittany Jones writes about beauty, self-confidence and, of course, mascara, at Clumps of Mascara.

Z&A: Why did you start your blog?

Because I was bored. It’s as simple as that! At the time that I started my blog, I had no intentions of having other people read it. It was simply an outlet for me to express my journey into make-up.

Z&A: So many women of color are afraid of makeup. You have a great series called “But Black Women Can’t” which touches on a lot of our concerns with beauty products. What advice would you give to women on overcoming makeup fear?

Find some confidence and wear it! Seriously! Make-up can accentuate, cover up and enhance but when you wash it all off, you should still have a ton of confidence about who you are inside and out. A lot of brown girls fear wearing red lipstick because they say it’s too bold. And why would you not want to stand out? You are a Queen! Rock that red lip like it’s nobody’s business!

Z&A: You post A LOT of beauty product reviews on your site. Thank you for trying out all the new stuff so we don’t have to! On average, how much time do you spend each exploring and trying new products? Is it more fun or work?

Hmm, let’s see…testing a product can take a week to a few months. I spent about 10 hours a week taking pictures, swatching and writing about the products that I’ve tested. Sometimes it can be a wee bit grueling but when I get comments and emails from readers telling me how much I’ve helped them, it makes it all worth it. So it’s definitely more fun!

Z&A: Tell us a little bit about your business Clumps of Mascara LLC. Why did you decide to turn your blog into a beauty company?

Clumps of Mascara LLC is still growing. To be honest, I haven’t dedicated as much time to it since I started it up. I have a lot of ideas a brewin’ and am taking baby steps into making them happen. I wanted to turn my blog into a business because I wanted Clumps of Mascara to be long term. The dot com may fade away but the mission and purpose of Clumps of Mascara will live on forever. There is so much in store for my business and making it official was half the battle.

Z&A: What have been some of the biggest challenges or impediments to your blogging?

Because I don’t live in NYC, I feel as if I miss out on a lot of opportunities. I am not able to network and attend events as often as other bloggers can. Also, a lot of people assume that us bloggers blog for a living. So not true! Most of us have full time jobs or are students. It’s tough to work 8 hours a day and then find time to write, take pictures, attend events, respond to emails, maintain a website, social networking AND do videos. It’s a demanding job but after almost 3 years in the game, I can honestly say that I enjoy the pressure.

Z&A: What have been the joys of blogging? How have you grown as a writer or person?

Blogging has been an enormous joy in my life! I’ve met so many wonderful people including fellow bloggers and celebrities like Iman. Blogging has been a therapy and brought out the inner entrepreneur in me. I feel like it has given me purpose and stirred up a drive in me that I didn’t even know existed.

Z&A: What are your must-read blogs or websites?

Well, let’s see…my Google Reader currently lists 209 blogs that I follow and I consider them ALL must reads. But my absolute favorites are,,,,,, and Black Voices on AOL.

Z&A: And a little bit about you besides blogging:

  • Last Movie I Saw: Waiting to Exhale. Don’t laugh but I watch this like 3x a week!
  • Last Book I Read: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Last great meal I had: An amazing meal at a Senegalese restaurant in Harlem

Z&A: Any other information you’d like to share or anything you’d like our readers to know?

I recently wrote an open letter to Brown Girls. Check it out here: Dear Brown Girl – An Open Letter

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